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Welcome to the newest member of the Allen Reese Hearing Aid Center team, Beth Reese Noftsger!

Beth will be assisting Allen and Rod at the front desk with administrative tasks as well as beginning her training to be a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist! Beth comes to our office with over 27 years of administrative assistant experience. She has worked in different types of offices including: engineering, real estate, Christian music publishing, food solutions, and executive office suites. She brings extensive expertise and knowledge gained through these experiences to the Allen Reese Hearing Aid Center. Beth is looking forward to working with our clients on their journey to better hearing health!

Stop by our office to meet her today!

Local Leader in Indiana Hearing Health

Allen Reese currently serves as Chairman of the Committee of Hearing Aid Dealer Examiners, appointed by the Governor of Indiana, where he oversees the written and practical examinations for the licensing process of hearing instrument dealers in the State of Indiana. Allen is also a long-standing member of the Indiana Hearing Aid Alliance (IHAA), a professional organization dedicated to maintaining education for hearing aid dealers and working with the hearing impaired. Allen is also a past-President of the IHAA.

Most recently, Allen was chosen as an advocate for IHAA to represent all hearing instrument specialists in Indiana to the IN State Legislature in the fight to preserve the licensing process. Licensing hearing instrument specialists protects you as a consumer by examining their ability to test, fit, and dispense hearing instruments properly. The IHAA promotes strongly the need for adequate education and knowledge for the fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments.
For over 38 years, the Allen Reese Hearing Aid Center has been serving the Plymouth community and surrounding areas by helping people hear and communicate better. As a Board Certified Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Allen has been testing and fitting hearing instruments since 1969.
He opened his first office in Columbia City, inside Thornburg’s Drug Store, where he had been working as a store manager. In 1976, Allen, Doris and their 2 daughters moved to Plymouth where he acquired Collins Hearing Service. After almost 32 years in the same location on Garro St., Allen decided it was time to expand once again and move his office to its new location at 322 N. Michigan Street, Suite C, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Plymouth. Allen continues to stay up to date with the latest advances in hearing technology to best serve his clients and the hearing impaired.

Rod Noftsger Elected Secretary IHAA

At the May 2014 Indiana Hearing Aid Alliance (IHAA) Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, Rod Noftsger, of The Allen Reese Hearing Aid Center, was elected to the office of Secretary of the IHAA. In his role as Secretary, Rod will communicate with all the licensed hearing instrument dealers in Indiana to keep them up to date with continuing education and product information. He will attend and record all IHAA Board and Membership meetings. Rod is also the web administrator for www.indianahearing and will continue to keep the website up to date with IHAA news.

Rod has been a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist since 2001. As hearing technology changes frequently, Rod keeps current on the latest advances in hearing products and fitting techniques to ensure the best communication from your hearing instruments. He most recently attended a continuing education seminar at Siemens Hearing Instruments in Piscataway, NJ where he learned about the latest technology in hearing instruments.

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Beth Noftsger

Beth Noftsger joins ARHAC

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