Technology To Fit Your Hearing Loss And Lifestyle

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Discretion meets a new dimension of hearing.

Whatever is going on around you, you shouldn’t have to miss out on a thing. So small that it is barely noticeable behind your ear, and available in a range of natural colors to match a variety of hair and skin tones, new Pure™ hearing aids blend in perfectly.
Pure offers an outstanding binaural hearing experience, sophisticated features, and elegant design. The receiver sits directly in your ear canal and fits moderate to severe hearing loss, providing exceptional sound quality. Although Pure is small, it contains more features than any other hearing aid of its size — yet it has the industry’s lowest battery consumption*, so you can enjoy the best listening experience all the time without concerns about battery life.

A world’s first — enjoy better than normal hearing in demanding situations.
Pure is equipped with the latest version of BestSound™ Technology, an advancement considered a complete revolution in audiological engineering. Two independent clinical studies have stated you may even be able to hear better than people with normal hearing in certain difficult listening situations, like restaurants and cocktail parties.* Pure delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility. This technology is so advanced the hearing aids suppress wind noise, a common complaint among wearers.
To localize sound sources, maintain spatial orientation, and understand speech better, our brain utilizes information from both ears. This is especially helpful in noisy and challenging listening situations. Inspired by the advantages of hearing with two ears, or binaural hearing, Pure brings you cutting-edge technology to deliver the most natural listening experience possible.
Hearing at its best. Let's sound in, keeps the elements out. It doesn't matter what you do in life, you want to enjoy every moment of it. No matter how active your lifestyle, you can always wear your hearing aids. With its unique design, robust Aquaris™ is the only truly waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof hearing aid available. Resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity, Aquaris is perfect for people who spend time in demanding environments. Wherever you are—working in a garden, sweating at the gym, building sandcastles, showering, swimming—Aquaris delivers outstanding sound quality with exceptional clarity and comfort.
Siemens Life fits you and your life. Soft and flexible, Siemens Life has no hard parts and fits simply and comfortably on the ear. Designed to deliver superb sound quality, it gives you choices between automatic and programmable push-button operation. And, it's open-fit eliminates the muffled effect you may feel with other hearing aids.

Simple freedoms. Live life the way you want. Don’t let hearing loss stop you. Insio™ is a customized hearing solution that offers clear and natural sound without that muffled effect. You'll probably forget that you're wearing it. Insio automatically adjusts to your personal hearing preferences and programs for different hearing situations—restaurants, concerts, motorcycle riding—and it offers excellent sound quality and speech understanding. Insio also features wireless connectivity for direct connection to a wide variety of sound sources and a tinnitus therapy feature.

touchControl™ App
The touchControl App turns an Android™ or Apple® iOS® smartphone into a hearing aid remote control. Adjusting volume, treble and selecting programs is now possible with a free app.

With a one-button press, the new easyTek™ remote audio streamer transmits audio from your TV, phone and Bluetooth® enabled devices straight into your hearing aids. Worn around the neck or hidden under clothing, the lightweight easyTek transforms Pure and Carat into a high-quality stereo headset, pairing with your favorite devices right out of the box.
The easyTek is compatible with Android™, Apple iOS and Windows.

asyTek™ App
When combined with the easyTek™, the easyTek App allows users to control their hearing aids even more discreetly via their smartphones. Plus, the easyTek App enables additional functionality for the easyTek! And because its interface looks like the easyTek, it can be operated quickly and easily for maximum convenience.


Simple, high-quality remote control. Siemens sleek, simple easyPocket™ remote control places all your hearing aids' options at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing instruments easier than ever before.


The award-winning ePen® is a discreet remote control that works with the latest Siemens hearing aids. Shaped like a pen, it lets you adjust the volume, switch programs and turn your hearing aids on and off. A gentle twist is all it takes to discreetly control your hearing aids.


Take control. Our classic ProPocket™ remote control provides easy command over virtually all program functions. It's small enough to fit into a purse or pocket, yet the larger buttons make it easier to use.

Easy to use and sustainable. Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation.

Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger™—the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.
Save yourself the hassle of fumbling with battery changes and help save the environment.

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Insio is a giant leap forward in hearing aid technology. You'll get excellent, feedback-free sound quality without that muffled effect. Insio not only has personalized sound, it also offers customized design. Insio is made to perfectly and precisely fit your ear's individual anatomy. It comes in three models:

  In-the-ear (ITE)

  In-the-canal (ITC)

  Completely-in-the-canal (CIC)

 Insio features:

  First completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid with wireless connectivity (Siemens Tek® and miniTek®)

  Program button for selecting hearing programs (optional)

  Battery door for quick, easy battery replacement

  Vent for optimal ear ventilation and sound delivery with no feedback

  Volume control for direct sound adjustment (ITE model)

  Enhanced tinnitus therapy feature that manages tinnitus while improving hearing

  Directional microphone that focuses sound to help you concentrate on your conversation partner

   5 skin-tone colors plus 12 additional fashion colors for the CIC

Discreet and elegant.

  Compact, ultra-small design is almost unnoticeable behind the ear

  Comfortable, easy-to-clean ultra-thin tube and tip practically disappear

  12 exchangeable subtle and stylish colors and patterns

  Fully automatic functions or push-button adjustments

  Tinnitus therapy feature

 Fast and flexible.

  Instant fitting concept—hear better in just one office visit

  Open-fit minimizes occlusion effect

  Low maintenance means fewer follow-up visits

  Connects to Tek® and miniTek® wireless systems


  Siemens BestSound® Technology

  World's best feedback cancellation prevents whistling

  Speech sounds clearer—even in noisy environments

  Learns listening preferences in various surroundings


  Completely sealed housing and battery door

  IP68 certified: No seepage and no damage during continuous immersion

  Custom-made soft ear mold for swimming


  Repels dust, perspiration, and dirt

  Dirt and moisture-resistant surface

  Watertight housing safeguards against corrosion

 Shock resistant.

  Scratch-proof, non-slip, soft rubber surface

  Attachable Sport Clip for extra security

  Microphone cover protects microphone membranes and reduces wind noise

Pure is packed with innovations.

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